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Thai Massage

It is written in the ancient scriptures that Thai massage is, first of all, about training the heart and then helping the person in need. Through touch, the four qualities of the heart are cultivated: Metta, Karuna, Mudhita, Uppekha.


Unconditional love for everything without discrimination; connectedness with each other, with ourselves and the million selves within us.


Compassion for others who are in pain, the ability for being kind and empathetic to people, animals, trees. Feel compassion for yourself, the ego, the troubled mind. Patience and perseverance are required for the whole journey.


Being happy with the happiness of others.


It is the equilibrium between pleasure and pain. You face the negative and the positive with tranquillity, dancing with both in the same manner.
Thai massage works on Sen lines, which are energy channels and the intention is to unblock them and move the energy. Thai massage is dance, creativity and becomes an expression of both bodies as one. It is characterised by the freedom to move around and touch the body with many different parts such as elbows, knees, feet, shoulders, even the head). When both bodies connect within a state of meditation, the inner rhythm of both is set free to create a sacred dance.
Thai massage, and any other kind of therapy, should not leave any bruise, sore spot or even a general feeling of pain after the treatment. A good Thai massage gives you only good pain. How can you distinguish good pain from bad pain? Good pain vanishes as soon as the pressure is released, and is followed by a pleasant feeling of relief. Bad painpersists long after the pressure is lifted, having no positive effects on the body.
Massage is a healing art. When the therapist’s heart, mind and, soul are aligned, he is an astute and sensitive listener, in absolute harmony letting the inner flow move both bodies, apply pressure with body weight, and, above all, remains open to whatever comes keeping a curious and experimental mind.

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