Antonis Fragakis

Antonis Fragakis started practicing Vinyasa Flow in 1999 in New York with Cindy Lee, founder of the famous OM yoga. The last 6 years he immersed himself in Iyengar yoga spending a lot of time in India next to Usha Devi and the Chanchani family. He has studied with highly acclaimed teachers such as Penny Chaplin, Marla Apt, Olga Zvontsova, Marios Argyros, Eyal Shifroni from all over the world. He is a certified teacher from ‘Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga’.

His style takes the flow of Vinyasa and blends it with the accurate and meditative approach of Iyengar. His classes in Greece tend to be big therapeutic classes while his students vary from elderly people to Olympic athletes.

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